Monday, June 15, 2009

Update: June '09

So, some good news and some bad news. I've slowly started becoming a little more proactive, I think; I've been wanting to get in shape for a little while, so I've been riding my bike, doing a few crunches, jogging occasionally and stuff, and I think this habit has slowly started seeping into other activities. Slow, but surely. The bad news? I've not put anything on here in like a month, failing to update it often. Also, keeping up with a diet is hard.

The good news? I HAVE SHIT TO POST HERE!111

Okay, way too much excitement. Anyway, I've been creating things with pastel (I will begin replacing the word "working" with "creating" because it feels a lot better that way). Stuff that I probably should give more value to than I perceive them to have, but satisfying to make.

(Information you don't have to know): I made this one after I had an argument with my girlfriend. When I'm not feeling right, for whatever reason, I play the piano, or draw, depending on which I can do at the time. I think it's funny that I ended up doing a drawing of something I would've rather been doing at that moment, but not have realized it at the moment.

I took the picture with my computer's web-camera, so the picture is washed out and unevenly-lit; maybe I'll post a better picture when I can.

This one was supposed to be a sort of color studies because I wanted to paint with acrylics, but once I got done with doing the graphite drawing it was actually good enough to pursue into a full color drawing; the drawing is based off my friend Regine as she dressed for another friend's party. This is also my first stab at coloring skin (my experience with coloring is very limited, especially realistically) but I think I did well for what colors I had, and the fact that conventional paper doesn't allow you to mix pastel colors as well as the expensive-but-better Rives BFK paper. It's 11 x 17 inches in size, as is the piano keys and hand drawing. It's also a sort of work in progress (still perfecting the face and background).

Also, I scanned some old high school pictures for amusement's sake. More at 11.

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