Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The End-of-Summer Report

The summer break is two days away from being over! Woooo!

In one word, I can say that this summer was pretty successful - I managed to raise my grades to where I could stay in Denton, went to several parties, went out to the bars and even drank before class, draw naked chicks (and guys, I GUESS), found a job, and even got to see my family when I have had all this going on! It's been really good. More importantly, I get to spend my last break days with my babycakes. When she's not complaining about trivial things, we actually have a pretty good time together; she's really cute and sweet, and she's also pretty funny. I like cuddling with her at night and waking up with her and kissing her all over.

I've had a lot of fun this summer; and even when I didn't really have a summer break, so to speak, I'm ready to keep going with what I want and have to do. Last week I got my first DSLR camera, a Canon 20D. It's a really good camera even if it's a 4-year old camera. A 4-year old Canon. Now my little heart can take artsy, hipster pictures to its greatest content! And by that, I mean I'm gonna harass my girlfriend until the end of time with it. As well as her other roommates. Oh yeah, I have my photo class footage ready to go.

But yeah, I'm really looking forward to taking photo, as well as computer art, advancing in general. And doing "spit art" as Laura calls it. That's it. I'm out.

P.S. A picture of the camera.

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